Sir Alastair Pilkington

Pilkington is a global manufacturer of float glass and a variety of glass products founded in the United Kingdom in 1826. The company is renowned for leading technological developments, including invention of the float glass process that became a global standard in the glass-making industry. Other inventions include hard-coated glass and a number of developments for the automotive industry.

Pilkington has production sites in 29 countries across the globe. The 49th Pilkington glass-making factory was launched in Russia in 2006. Pilkington glass is widely used in architecture, optics and automotive business. In 2016 Pilkington started production of a new range of all-season glasses for private houses and residential construction.

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Pilkington Glass Russia team of experts prepared a new format of communication with the audience - series of public webinars which anyone could join.  The topic for the upcoming week is going to be “IGU – main characteristics”.  

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Индустриальный парк Zeev Shalom Center
Индустриальный парк Zeev Shalom Center

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