The Sobha Hartland Residential Complex


Now the heart of Dubai has a soul. So they say of the Sobha Hartland residential complex located in the elite region that is Mohammad Bin Rashid City along the Dubai Water Canal. Luxury villas, townhouses, condos, hotels a total of 282 properties are situated along an area of 750 thousand square meters just a few minutes from the famous Burj Khalifa, in close proximity to the city center and the beach.    __СМИ-2.jpg A luxury residential complex worth $ 4 billion is Sobha Group's ambitious project. The company specializes in the construction of premium real estate and is the largest player in the UAE construction market, India, Oman, Bahrain, and Brunei. Company founder PNS Menon is a billionaire businessman originally from India, who advocated a stance refusing even the smallest compromises at the expense of quality.

 One translation of the name Hartland is "epicenter". The well-groomed territory has everything for a luxurious club life: restaurants, cafes and bars, schools and playgrounds, spa and fitness centers, barbecue areas and parking. 30% of  cottage complex is occupied covered in lush greenery.


Villas with 4-5 bedrooms are designed in an L shape, making the modern design successfully fit the practicality of the minimalistic layout. Each Villa has its own private garden and swimming pool. Housing was fitted out with exclusive finishing and top line materials. The glazing area covers 20 thousand square meters.

Each window is installed with IG units using Pilkington Suncool 70/35 Pro T 6 mm thick architectural class glass. The product features high light transmission (70) and a low solar factor (35). Neutral shade glass is characterized by increased strength and thermal protection. While saving you from the scorching sun of Dubai, it provides a comfortable indoor temperature all year round, filling the room with plenty of natural light.

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