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Pilkington’s projects: Green Mall Business Center in Nur-Sultan


Green Mall is the epicenter for shopping and entertainment of the Green Mall residential complex in this promising area of the capital of Kazakhstan. The concept of the project was developed by Aedas the famous architectural firm from the UK. The object was built by developer BI Group on the terms of a public-private partnership.


The innovative quarter carries the idea of a comfortable and environmentally friendly urban environment. Although the compact district is located in the administrative and business center of Nur-Sultan, it is separated from the hustle and bustle of the city by large-scale infrastructure and extensive green territory. This is the first project in Kazakhstan that has received the LEED international environmental certificate.


The Green Mall business center covers an area of 30 thousand square meters. Direct entrances lead from the surrounding residential and business buildings of the Green quarter. Anchor tenants are the largest fitness center in Kazakhstan, a cinema with 5 halls, and a food hall that includes 10 restaurant and cafe concepts.

 The one-story building of the business center successfully fits into the exterior of the "Green quarter". Glass facades provide access to natural light inside the premises, which also meets the environmental concept of the project. The facility used Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T and Pilkington Suncool® 50/25 Pro t architectural glass.


Highly selective glass in neutral shades lets in a lot of light. They are ideal for panoramic building glazing, creating optimal indoor insolation. Comfort for visitors and employees of the business center is also provided by a reduced mirror image.


Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro t glass is characterized by a good solar factor. But the Pilkington Suncool® 50/25 Pro T product has this value lowered, which eliminates the need for additional room conditioning at high temperatures. This combination of two Pilkington Suncool®products allows you to save on heating in the cold season and cooling in the summer.

 The glasses have a multifunctional Double Silver coating, which contains about 20 protective, reflective and anti-reflective nanolayers made of various metals, including two layers of silver.

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