Sberbank Date Center is a Pilkington Russia project


Investments in the construction of the largest data center in Russia amounted to 14 billion rubles. SB-Development, Sberbank's daughter company, undertook the project management. The general contractor for the construction was the Insystems company, which is part of the Lanit group. The authors of the architectural concept Cronta Constructio. 


The data center covers a total area of almost 40 thousand square meters and consists of five three-level modules. The second level blocks contain 20 machine rooms, which can house up to 24 thousand servers. The maximum data center speed is 30 megawatts. Maximum capacity of information is up to 1 exabyte. This should be enough for Sberbank for the next 10 years.

The cutting edge technology allows the data center to work under maximum strain for 24 hours when the external power supply is turned off. The equipment and premises are cooled by inlet air; the freecooling technology functions without using electricity for more than 330 days in a year. Heat from the equipment is used for heating, which allows saving 5 million rubles a year and another 100 million on air conditioning.

 In order to save energy, the site also used STiS glass units with Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T architectural class glass. Minimalist glass facades emphasize the architectural concept of this high-tech building. And more importantly, they help maintain an optimal temperature level inside.

 The special Double Silver coating contains about 20 protective, reflective and brightening nano layers of various metals, including two layers of silver. This glass transmits plenty of light and has a good solar reflection factor as well as low reflectivity. The versatile Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T is the optimal solution for office buildings, though it has also proven its worth in residential projects. 

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