Loft style in Pilkington architecture


The loft style in architecture, which founded in the 40s of the XX century, implies the re-equipment of attic and industrial (primarily factory) areas for office and residential projects. Clean lines, simplicity, minimalism in decoration and panoramic glazing distinguish loft-style in architecture.

Classification of loft style includes soft loft direction, which implies the creation of new buildings in the "loft" style. Residential complexes "State 18" in Moscow and Docklands in St. Petersburg are the examples of soft loft. Highly selective Pilkington glass was used in glazing of both projects.

The State 18 residential complex

One of the outstanding examples of soft loft architectural style is the State 18 residential complex, which was built by Moscow real estate market giant, Capital Group through its subsidiary TechnoAviaAllians. The project of the capital's architectural bureau Ostozhenka was built in residential area of Moscow.

The architecture of State 18 stands out favorably against the background of standard high-rise buildings. Well-situated buildings with panoramic windows look like a separate state among the panel high-rise buildings. From a bird's-eye view, the shape of the residential complex resembles the number 18. The was a proposal to decorate using loft and minimalistic styles. Natural light at any time of the year fills the interiors through large windows.__СМИ_2.jpg


Aluminum profiles with double-chamber IG units are used in the glazing. Multi-functional Pilkington Suncool® 70/40 glass is installed in each one.  With maximum transparency and neutrality, the glass has high sun protection and energy-saving properties.

The loft-quarter Docklands 

The loft-quarter Docklands, located on the site of the former cargo terminal of the St. Petersburg river port, was built according to the principle of "city within a city".


Furnished apartments, a business center, hotel, restaurant, fitness club and kindergarten are situated in the loft quarter. A concierge service and room-service, laundry and dry cleaning are also organized. In designing the loft quarter, architects and designers from the British bureau Andrew Martin and the German bureau Zukauskas Architects were inspired by the spirit of industrial objects of the 20th century.

The construction of the facility was carried out by the Docklands Development Group of Companies - the first developer in St. Petersburg to implement projects in the loft style using energy efficient technologies. The panoramic windows of the buildings are fitted with highly selective Pilkington Suncool® 66/33 Pro T glass, which has high light transmission and excellent solar factor.

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