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Esentai City Business Center

Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T

Esentai City Business Center

Simple but luxurious loft-style minimalism, wide halls in natural light, and energy saving. The creators of the Esentai City business center were inspired by examples of Silicon Valley in the United States. Class A offices became the heart of the business cluster of the grandiose urban project Esentai City in Almaty.

This unique facility was developed by Almaty Vilnius Architects, which over eight years has made a name for itself on the real estate market in Kazakhstan. Almost each of its projects with original exteriors and innovative implementation is a landmark for Almaty. The author of the Esentai City Offices concept is Rolandas Klucinskas, an architect from Lithuania.

Panoramic windows play a special role in the unique design of the facades. According to the authors of the project, the right lighting helps reveal all the features of the facility and emphasize its style, while luxury is manifested not in artificial brilliance, but in naturalness.

Rodos Grand LLC, the facade company, has identified the safety of translucent structures as its main priority since Almaty is located in a seismically active zone. That is why the choice was made in favor of STiS glazing, which has proven its reliability at many challenging sites in various countries.

Double glazing consists of tempered glass panes 12, 8 and 10 mm thick. After thermal exposure, the glass becomes stronger and, in the event of breakage, it shatters into small splinters with non-sharp edges that cannot cause serious injury.

To fill the business space with natural light, Pilkington Suncool 70/35 Pro T architectural glass was used in the glazing. It is characterized not only by high light transmission but also by a low solar factor, which saves on additional lighting and air conditioning for the building. 

  • Project detail

  • Project Esentai City Business Center
  • Address 77/8 Al-Farabi Avenue, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • Year of construction 2019 –
  • Developer AV Construction, Almaty Vilnius Architects
  • Architects Rolandas Klucinskas
  • Façade company Rodos Grand LLC
  • Processor STiS
  • Glass

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Pilkington Suncool® 70/35 Pro T

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