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ThyssenKrupp Headquarters

Pilkington Suncool® 70/40 Pro T

ThyssenKrupp Headquarters

Under the roof of the headquarters of the German corporation ThyssenKrupp, the project of which was created in 2010 by two architectural bureaus-the German JSWD Architekten and the French Chaix&Morel et Associes, brought together all the administrative departments of the company, which were previously scattered in different parts of Germany.

The business center, whose official name is Q1, is 54 meters high. Itstands out from the rest of the buildings in the district, but not by its height, but by its unusual shape: L-shaped geometric shapes seem to connect in the center, forming a single whole.

The authors were so inspired by the corporate transparency policy of ThyssenKrupp that they created glass not only the facade of the building, but also all internal partitions. Now any resident of Essen can observe the work of the company.

Pilkington Suncool™ 70/40 Pro T glasses were used in the panoramic glazing of the building. Their peculiarity is that they let in maximum natural light with high sun protection properties.

  • Project detail

  • Project ThyssenKrupp Headquarters
  • Address Thyssenkrupp Allee 1, 45143 Essen, Germany
  • Year of construction 2010-2013
  • Architects JSWD Architekten (Germany), Chaix & Morel et Associes (France)
  • Glass

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Pilkington Suncool® 70/40 Pro T

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