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The State 18 residential complex

Pilkington Suncool® 70/40

The State 18 residential complex

State 18 is an expensive, elegant, prestigious looking residential business-class complex, which was built by Moscow real estate market giant, Capital Group through its subsidiary TechnoAviaAllians. Perhaps the holding's most famous facility is the City of Capitals towers in the Moscow City complex. The less ambitious, but no less stylish project of the capital's architectural bureau Ostozhenka was built within an 8-minute walk from the Novokosino metro station, a 5-minute drive from the Saltykovsky forest Park.

Two 7-storey monolithic brick buildings are located on a plot of 2 thousand square meters. Options for studios and one-room apartments range from 22 to 75 square meters with a ceiling height of over 3 meters. The housing has an open layout and bay windows. The was a proposal to decorate using loft and minimalistic Scandanavian styles. The total area of the residential complex is about 16 thousand square meters.

The architecture of State 18 stands out favorably against the background of standard high-rise buildings, emphasizing the status of residents. Well-situated buildings lined with four-color clinker bricks with panoramic windows look like a separate state among the panel high-rise buildings. From a bird's-eye view, the shape of the residential complex resembles the number 18.

The residential complex has a courtyard paved with cobblestones, with turf and sports areas. An elevator from the building leads to an underground parking lot with 65 spots. Porcelain stoneware is used for floor and stair decorations. Natural light at any time of the year fills the interiors through large windows. 

Aluminum profiles with double-chamber IG units are used in the glazing. Multi-functional Pilkington Suncool® 70/40 glass is installed in each one.  The product is highly selective, letting in about 70% of sunlight and only 40% of solar heat. With maximum transparency and neutrality, the glass has high sun protection and energy-saving properties.

  • Project detail

  • Address ул. Новокосинская, д.18, Москва, Россия
  • Год постройки 2016
  • Developer ТехноАвиаАльянс (Capital Group)
  • Project The State 18 residential complex
  • Glass

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