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RC "Donsk Olympus"

Pilkington Optitherm® S3

RC "Donsk Olympus"

The residential complex "Donskoy Olymp" was built in 2017 by the LSR group in the Danilovsky district on the territory that until 1994 was occupied by a non-ferrous metal processing plant.

As conceived by the authors of the project, Alexandra Kuzmina and Ilya Mashkov from the Mezonproject bureau, each of the five buildings of the Donskoy Olympus was built in the neoclassical style characteristic of Moscow architecture of the 20th century, and bears the name of one of the Olympian gods - Zeus, Artemis, Dionysus , Hera and Hermes.

The residential complex consists of five buildings with variable number of storeys, united by underground parking for 1819 cars. There are 1,027 apartments in the complex, on the last floors of the houses there are penthouses, from the windows of which there is a beautiful view of the Danilovsky Monastery and the Shukhov Tower.

All windows of the residential complex "Donskoy Olimp" are equipped with STiS double-glazed windows and Pilkington Optitherm® S3 glass, which is used with increased requirements for thermal insulation. The total amount of glazing is 15,000 sq m.

  • Project detail

  • Address Серпуховской Вал 19/21, Москва
  • Год постройки 2014 - 2016
  • Developer Группа ЛСР
  • Project RC "Donsk Olympus"
  • Архитекторы Мезонпроект, А. Кузьмина и И. Машков
  • Переработчик STiS
  • Glazing, sq. m 15 000
  • Glass

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